Together, we can change the lives of pets like Imogen!

Will you lend a paw?




Will you lend a paw?

Together, we can change the lives of pets like Imogen!

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is an open-admission, no-kill shelter. This means that we do not turn animals away based on health, age, or perceived adoptability. We take them all, because we believe that every cat or dog deserves a second chance and the opportunity to find a loving, forever home. However, this also means that we frequently take animals, like Veronica, into our care who require a extra help to find their new beginnings, due to illness, injury or behavior.

Your donations towards these animals with special needs provide animals who are hurting and sick a chance for relief from their pain, a chance to be healthy again, a chance to find a family who understands their needs and who loves them unconditionally. Will you lend a paw?


Even when the odds seem too terrible to overcome, we believe in second chances.

Today an emaciated little dog sits quietly in the lap of a staff member, safe and loved, while a member of our medical team gently cleans and bandages one of her tiny, mutilated legs. Every so often the pup, who we named Imogen, slowly lifts her head and reaches up to give soft, little kisses to the person holding her. Though initially very frightened and anxious, Imogen quickly settles, seeming to realize that she’s finally found a safe haven where she can rest and heal.

We don’t know what terrible series of events left Imogen so broken, but what we do know, is that with your help, she’s got a fighting chance at the future she deserves.

For tonight Imogen is safe, comfortable and her immediate needs are cared for. However, her wounds are many; they are deep, raw, and smell of terrible infection. We are not sure how far the infection has spread, and we are also not sure if her tiny, broken, malnourished body is up to the challenge of fighting off an infection this severe. She is extremely dehydrated, covered in fleas, and our veterinarian suspects that at least two of her legs are broken. But Imogen’s not ready to give up and neither are we.

Imogen needs a hero. Can she count on you?

Your donation today will help us get Imogen the testing and X-rays she needs to determine the severity of her infection and her fractures and what steps we need to take next to save her life. While this first vet visit will cost about $200, it is very likely that Imogen’s care, treatment and recovery may total over $1,000 when all is said and done.

Please consider donating to day to help this sweet pup--and other dogs like her--get the treatment she needs so she can find the forever home she deserves. Together we can be the difference for dogs like Imogen, and together we can rewrite stories for homeless and hurting.


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