Together, we can change the lives of pets like Biggs!

Will you lend a paw?

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Together, we can change the lives of pets like Biggs!

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is an open-admission, no-kill shelter. This means that we do not turn animals away based on health, age, or perceived adoptability. We take them all, because we believe that every cat or dog deserves a second chance and the opportunity to find a loving, forever home. However, this also means that we frequently take animals, like Veronica, into our care who require a extra help to find their new beginnings, due to illness, injury or behavior.

Your donations towards these animals with special needs provide animals who are hurting and sick a chance for relief from their pain, a chance to be healthy again, a chance to find a family who understands their needs and who loves them unconditionally. Will you lend a paw?


With his smooshy face and sweet personality, Biggs has won many hearts in the short time he's been at the shelter. This cutie pie should have no trouble finding himself a family and a forever home. Unfortunately for Biggs, he has a medical hurdle--a badly broken leg--standing between him and his happy new beginning.

However, with your help we are sure he can overcome it and get back on the road to a healthy and happy future.

Will you lend a paw?

We're not sure how Bigg's injury occurred, but prior to arriving at the shelter, one of his back legs had suffered a severe break that is not healing correctly. After an exam and a period of observation, our veterinary team recommended resetting and casting his leg in order to give him the best chance at a full recovery.

Left untreated, Biggs will likely live in chronic pain, but with your help, he has a fighting chance at his best life with people who love him. To help Biggs get the chance he deserves, we need to raise $200 for his procedure and aftercare.

Please consider donating to day to help Biggs--and other dogs like him--get the treatment he needs so he can find the forever home he deserves.

Thank you so much for making a difference for pets in need like Biggs!


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