Together, we can change the lives of pets like Bijou! image

Together, we can change the lives of pets like Bijou!

Will you lend a paw?

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Together, we can change the lives of pets like Bijou!

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is an open-admission, no-kill shelter. This means that we do not turn animals away based on health, age, or perceived adoptability. We take them all, because we believe that every cat or dog deserves a second chance and the opportunity to find a loving, forever home. However, this also means that we frequently take animals, like Bijou, into our care who require a extra help to find their new beginnings, due to illness, injury or behavior.

Your donations towards these animals with special needs provide animals who are hurting and sick a chance for relief from their pain, a chance to be healthy again, a chance to find a family who understands their needs and who loves them unconditionally. Will you lend a paw?


It’s hard not to have a soft spot for Bijou. She’s got the softest eyes, the sweetest smile, and though she’s somewhat shy, she’s gentle and big-hearted.

But it is so hard to imagine the pain Bijou suffered before coming to Southern Pines and what she has been through.

When Bijou was brought to the shelter, it was clear that pain in her legs was causing her distress. Our medical team jumped into action, and Bijou was x-rayed right away.

What we found was heartbreaking.

Buckshot peppered the X-ray image of her right knee. The old remnants leftover from Bijou’s trauma are healing poorly on their own--a source of constant pain for our sweet friend. She will likely need surgery to repair the leg or to remove it altogether, depending on the extent of her injury.

But unfortunately that’s not all.

Bijou’s X-rays of her left hip also raised some concern, and it’s possible that she may require a second surgery to help her hip joint work properly.

We don’t know how or why Bijou was shot or what could have happened to leave this poor girl so hurt. But we do know that Bijou has found a safe haven with Southern Pines and we know that with your help we can help give her a brighter future with a family who loves her, where she’ll never have to be alone, or scared, or hurt ever again.

Will you help make that possible for her?

To get Bijou the care and treatment she needs, we will need to raise $850. Please consider being Bijou’s hero and donating today and help this sweet girl--and other pets like her--get the treatment she needs so she can find the forever home she deserves.

Thank you! Together we are making a life-saving, life-changing difference for pets in need like Bijou.