Together, we can make a big difference for our smallest charges! image

Together, we can make a big difference for our smallest charges!

Will you lend a paw?

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Together, we can make a big difference for our smallest charges!

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is an open-admission shelter who has achieved no-kill status. This means that we do not turn animals away based on health, age, or perceived adoptability. We take them all, because we believe that every cat or dog deserves a second chance and the opportunity to find a loving, forever home. However, this also means that we frequently take animals, like Bijou, into our care who require a extra help to find their new beginnings, due to illness, injury or behavior.

Your donations towards these animals with special needs provide animals who are hurting and sick a chance for relief from their pain, a chance to be healthy again, a chance to find a family who understands their needs and who loves them unconditionally. Will you lend a paw?


On this chilly October morning, 9 newborn puppies were found abandoned--shivering, crying, and lethargic--in a shopping basket in a Hattiesburg cemetery.

It sounds like the beginning of a terrifyingly tragic story, and if a kind-hearted person hadn’t intervened it definitely could have played out that way. These pups--only hours old--were starving and cold to the touch, and the person knew they needed immediate help. The pups are now here at Southern Pines where our team jumped right into action to get these 9 babies warm and their bellies full.

We were so afraid we were going to lose them--they were just so cold. It took our team about an hour just to get these puppies to a point where they were physically stable and their body temperature closer to what it should be. They are currently wrapped up in blankets and snuggled on top of a heating pad, and we’ve now gotten them to the point where we can focus on filling their bellies.

And wow, were these pups starving. Thankfully they are latching to a bottle well, and they have just been sucking down bottle after bottle of formula.

We are cautiously optimistic. At this point all nine are still with us and slowly improving. However, these pups are at such a critical, vulnerable stage. They are without their mother, and they were abandoned and exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. They are definitely not out of the woods yet.

But with your help, we can give them their best shot at growing up big and strong.

Will you lend a paw to these pups?

Nine brand new neonatal puppies is a pretty big deal to a shelter like ours for multiple reasons: They are too young to stay at the shelter; these pups require a great deal more care than our team is able to provide; they require formula and other supplemental nutrition to thrive; and oftentimes orphaned, neonatal puppies also require additional medical care since they are without the immunities that mom can give them through nursing.

The only reason we are able to help babies like these is because of your support.

If you are interested in helping these puppies, we've currently found foster homes for all of them, but we could really use donations of puppy formula and bottles, and donations toward their care and medical expenses.

Will you help us rewrite their story?

If you would like to donate toward the care of these pups and other at-risk pets like them who desperately need some extra care, you can do that via the button below, through our Amazon Wishlist (, or through our donation page (

Thank you so much for making a difference for the most vulnerable in our care, and for helping us save more lives than ever before.