Together, we can make a big difference for pets like Evangeline! image

Together, we can make a big difference for pets like Evangeline!

Will you lend a paw?

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Together, we can make a big difference for pets like Evangeline!

Southern Pines Animal Shelter is an open-admission, no-kill shelter. This means that we do not turn animals away based on health, age, or perceived adoptability. We take them all, because we believe that every cat or dog deserves a second chance and the opportunity to find a loving, forever home. However, this also means that we frequently take animals into our care who require a extra help to find their new beginnings, due to illness, injury or behavior.

Your donations towards these animals with special needs provide animals who are hurting and sick a chance for relief from their pain, a chance to be healthy again, a chance to find a family who understands their needs and who loves them unconditionally. Will you lend a paw?


March 3, 2020 -- A sweet and goofy doggo who loves just to play and snuggle with her people friends, Evangeline has cuddled her way into many hearts during her stay with us. Unfortunately, this loving girl is currently in a lot of pain and really could use a helping hand.

When Evangeline arrived at our shelter, it was clear that she was having some trouble getting around due to a severe injury to her shoulder. While we’re not sure what exactly happened to cause her such an injury, we do know that Evangeline is in a safe place, and that with your help, we can get her the help she needs.

After a visit with our veterinarian, it was determined that Evangeline needs surgery to help her get back on her way to being happy, healthy and forever home.

Will you help her get that chance?

Please consider being Evangeline’s hero by donating today and help this sweet girl--and other pets like her--get the treatment she needs so she can find the forever home she deserves. The cost of surgery and her care will cost about $180, and any donations made over that amount will help other animals in need receive the care they need as well.

Thank you! Because of your help, we are rewriting stories for homeless and hurting pets in need like Evangeline every single day.