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Giving Heartworm Positive Dogs a Second Chance.

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Giving Heartworm Positive Dogs a Second Chance.

Will you be their second chance?

In 2015 , our Healing Hearts Program has brought healthy hearts and new starts to 37 dogs, because of YOUR generous gifts. But, on average 70% of adult dogs entering the shelter will test positive for heartworms.

There is no doubt that our shelter has been ceaselessly growing and improving over the past few years. We are saving more lives than ever before and have even been able to reach out and help other shelters and rescues in our community save the lives of dogs and cats in their care. However, heartworm positive dogs still make up one of the most at-risk portions of our population.

A heartworm is a parasite that lives in the heart and arteries of infected animals. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos and are highly prevalent in Southern Misssissippi. Pets can be protected by use of a preventative available through a veterinarian, but left untreated, heartworm positive animals are at risk for serious health issues and even death. Without options to provide treatment for these dogs, they are overlooked by adopters, are ineligible for our transport program, and quickly become more at risk for euthanasia than any other group of animals in our care.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are starting a program called Healing Hearts where for every $200 donated to the cause, we can treat one heartworm positive dog, giving them a chance at a full, heartworm-free life. Without treatment, it is unlikely that these dogs will ever have the chance to enjoy a warm lap in their forever home. We want to be able to offer that dream to every animal that walks through our doors, but we need your help to do so.


$10 provides a week's worth of antibiotics for a dog undergoing the first stage of treatment (each dog gets 30 days of antibiotics before their immiticide injections).

$20 provides a week's worth of food for a dog undergoing treatment

provides a crate for a heartworm treatment dog to rest in at their foster home.

$200 provides heartworm treatment for 1 dog.

$1000 provides treatment for five dogs.

$5,000 provides treatment for 25 dogs.

Thank you.

Together we are saving more lives than ever before, and together we are giving at-risk dogs the opportunity to rewrite their stories.